Krafla tour

Krafla tour

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Easy

The Krafla area is one of the most interesting areas by Lake Mývatn. This is where the tectonic plates meet and is therefore a hotbed of seismic activity.
There you can see:

  • The latest eruption site in the Mývatn area where it last erupted in 1984
  • Red, black, grey, blue and white lavaRed, black, grey, blue and white lava.
  • A beautiful geothermal area.
  • A great variety of interesting rare geothermal phenomena.
  • Leirhnjúkur and Krafla Volcano
Access to the Krafla area is easy in the summertime but can be difficult and even dangerous in other seasons due to snow- and weather conditions.  Never the less the Krafla area is seldom as beautiful as when snow has covered most of the ground and you see the pink hills, black, grey and red warm lava standing out of the snow.Mývatn Activity -Hike&Bike- If there is a lot of snow and conditions allow we will bring snowshoes and hiking poles for you so we can safely hike in the area. We will hike Leirhnjúkur area and go to the top where we will enjoy the view of the whole Caldera. On the way there we will see different colors in the Lava and steam coming up all around us as we pass through the geothermal area.   We will get you ready to have an enjoyable time with us in a wonderful setting.Departure from Hike&Bike office at 11:00 am Duration: 3-4 hours.  Included in the tour price: Transportation from Hike&Bike office to Krafla and back, Snowshoes and hiking poles (if conditions allow).

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